Akita 100 % Natural Roll On Deodorant Rose 50 mL

Akita 100 % Natural Roll On Deodorant Rose 50 mL

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Akita 100 % Natural

Roll-on Rose

Real Natural No Additives

It helps to prevent bad odor with rose water, rose oil, olive leaf and grapefruit seed extract. It spreads easily on your skin, leaving no residue when dry. It gives freshness and comfort. Paraben, aluminum, alcohol free. It is a harmless underarm deodorant. The raw materials in its content are natural and even beneficial to health. Olive Leaf is a very important plant with a natural antimicrobial and natural antiviral effect.

It prevents the formation of bad odor under the arm with its ingredients that prevent the formation of bacteria, olive leaf extract, rose water, rose oil, grapefruit seed extract. Potassium Alum, on the other hand, reduces sweating naturally by shrinking sweat pores, and does not clog sweat pores. The natural rose oil in it refreshes you with its beautiful scent, relaxes you, and relaxes you with the pleasing feature of rose oil.

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IGREDIENTS: Rosa Damascena Flower Water
Potassium Alum
Olea Europaea Leaf Extract
Xanthan Gum
Citrus Grandis Seed Extract
Rosa Damascena Flower Oil

Tocopherol Acetate