What is the non de-oiled rose water

The differences between traditional rose water and Akita's Non De-oiled Rose Water can be understood in terms of their production methods, composition, and resultant properties:

Production Method:
Traditional Rose Water: This is typically a byproduct of the rose oil extraction process. When rose petals are distilled to extract rose oil, the remaining water, devoid of most of its oil content, is known as traditional rose water. This process involves separating the oil and the water, resulting in rose water that is mostly deoiled.
Akita's Non De-oiled Rose Water: Akita has developed a unique production method that retains the rose oil in the rose water. This method likely involves a specialized distillation process that ensures both rose oil and water are combined naturally, preserving the full range of benefits from the rose petals.
Traditional Rose Water: Lacks a significant amount of the natural oils found in rose petals as these oils are extracted and removed during the production process.
Akita's Non De-oiled Rose Water: Contains the natural rose oil along with minerals and vitamins from the rose petals. This makes it richer in terms of nutritional and beneficial compounds, similar to a rose vinegar.
Properties and Benefits:
Traditional Rose Water: Generally used for its fragrance and mild astringent properties. It's beneficial for skin care, but the absence of rose oil means it might be less effective for certain therapeutic uses.
Akita's Non De-oiled Rose Water: Due to the preservation of rose oil, it is rich in minerals and vitamins, contributing to a variety of skin benefits. It is touted to have anti-aging properties, cause no eye irritation, reduce pigmentation, and aid in skin rejuvenation. These claims are backed by laboratory reports, according to the information provided.
Shelf Life and Preservation:
Traditional Rose Water: Typically has a decent shelf life but might require preservatives to last longer, especially if devoid of natural oils.
Akita's Non De-oiled Rose Water: The presence of natural rose oil and other components from the rose petals makes it self-preserving, leading to a longer shelf life without the need for additional preservatives.
Usage and Application:
Traditional Rose Water: Commonly used in cosmetics, skincare, and culinary applications for its fragrance and mild therapeutic properties.
Akita's Non De-oiled Rose Water: Due to its richer composition, it's likely more effective in skincare for anti-aging and rejuvenation purposes and may be preferred for more intensive therapeutic applications.
In summary, Akita's Non De-oiled Rose Water differs from traditional rose water in its production process, composition, and benefits. By retaining the natural oils and nutrients of rose petals, it offers enhanced skincare and therapeutic benefits, a longer shelf life, and potentially greater efficacy in treating skin concerns compared to traditional rose water.
The Art of Wholeness: Akita Non De-oiled Rose Water
In the heart of natural skincare, there lies a secret that Akita has mastered—the creation of non de-oiled rose water, a luxurious elixir where the essence of the rose is wholly embraced, oil and water undivided. Akita’s innovative approach to producing rose water ensures that the nourishing oils naturally present in rose petals remain in harmony with the water, offering a product that is as close to the rose’s original state as possible.
Understanding Non De-oiled Rose Water
Akita’s non de-oiled rose water is a groundbreaking product that maintains the integrity of the rose’s natural oils along with the floral water. Unlike traditional distillation processes that separate the oil, Akita’s proprietary system captures the complete range of benefits that roses offer. The result is a more potent and holistic skincare product.
The Akita Method
At the core of Akita’s production lies a state-of-the-art system that gently coaxes the water and oil from the petals without ever separating them. This method not only preserves the full spectrum of the rose’s benefits but also its full-bodied fragrance and potent skin-healing properties.
The Skin’s Ally
The fusion of rose water and rose oil in one product means that Akita’s non-deoiled rose water provides an unparalleled level of care for the skin. It hydrates, replenishes, and maintains the skin’s natural balance while offering the therapeutic properties of rose oil, known for its ability to smooth, refine, and tone the skin.
An Experience for the Senses
Using Akita non de-oiled rose water is not just a skincare step; it’s an indulgent experience. The rich, authentic scent of fresh roses uplifts the spirit, while its hydrating touch leaves the skin feeling dewy and refreshed.
Commitment to Purity
Akita’s commitment to purity is evident in every bottle of non de-oiled rose water. By ensuring that the rose’s natural companions—its oils—are present, they create a more effective and synergistic product.
Incorporating Into Your Daily Ritual
Introduce Akita non-deoiled rose water into your skincare routine to reap the benefits of a complete rose essence. It’s ideal for toning after cleansing, setting makeup, or simply refreshing your skin at any time of day.
Akita’s non-deoiled rose water represents a revolution in natural skincare, offering a product that is not only pure but also powerful. For those seeking an authentic, potent, and holistic addition to their skincare, Akita offers a symphony of benefits in a single, harmonious product.
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