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About Akita
Established in 1993 in Türkiye, Akita was founded with the mission to import and assemble Home Build aircraft. Over the years, we evolved into a multi-faceted organization with a deep commitment to natural and innovative products. Our journey from aviation to natural skincare and wellness has been one of passion and dedication.
Our Milestones:
1994: Akita obtained an A Group travel agency license from the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and served as the general sales agent for Turkish Airlines until 2010.
2000: We initiated extensive research and development efforts on the renowned roses of Isparta, Turkey.
2003: Akita's founder and President, Burhan KILIÇ, invented the groundbreaking method for producing "Non De-oiled Rose Water," a product never seen before in the world.
2004: We expanded our product line to include over 200 natural skincare products.
2006: We took our first steps into the international market.
2008: The "Rose Project" was launched, aiming to enter the North American market. We applied in the entrepreneurial category to the Canadian government.
2010: Our application was approved, and we opened our second company and warehouse in Canada. This year also marked the launch of our online sales platform.
2011: Akita established sales points in various shopping malls in Ankara.
2013: In anticipation of the rapid growth in online sales, we decided to close our retail locations and shifted our focus entirely to online sales and exports.
2019: We expanded our global presence by appointing distributors in the United States, China, and South Korea.
2020: We signed a distribution agreement with Ecotrend Ecologistics, one of North America's largest distributors. This partnership enabled us to place our products on the shelves of numerous natural product markets and retail chains.
Today: Our online sales and marketplace sales are managed and controlled entirely in-house.
2023: In the first quarter of 2023, Akita's websites are being coded by our in-house development team, equipped with the latest technologies to cater to a global audience.
Our Mission:
At Akita, our mission is to create genuine, natural, harmless, and effective products, including real rose water and rose oil. We craft small-batch natural skincare products using the finest handpicked ingredients, introducing our customers to the power of all things natural.
Our Vision:
We are committed to maintaining our authenticity and boutique production while expanding and institutionalizing our operations. Our vision is to continue providing future generations with the same high-quality service and products.
Thank you for joining us on our journey towards natural beauty and wellness.
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