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Akita Organic Non-deoiled Rose Water is a premium skincare product crafted using a unique technique exclusive to Akita, sourced from Turkey's finest Organic Isparta Roses. This award-winning product stands as a testament to quality and innovation.

Rosa Damascena, thriving in the fertile soil of the Lake District, is surrounded by a multitude of therapeutically rich flora. It carries the natural healing essence of earth, sun, stars, and rain. The water used in Akita's rose water production flows from the magnificent Egirdir Lake of the region and the nourishing mountains that surround it.

Akita's extensive research and development have culminated in a technique that guarantees the optimal extraction of rose components into the water. Carefully calculating factors such as quantity, temperature, pressure, and distillation time, this method ensures that rose water retains the full spectrum of the rose's beneficial elements.

Akita Rose Water boasts several distinctive qualities:

It offers the most comprehensive composition of essential microelements.

It delivers the precise concentration of hydrophilic aromatic components.

It carries therapeutic elements from the essential oil.

Akita is the pioneer behind the globally admired "Non-deoiled Rose Water" concept. This remarkable innovation combines traditional methods with cutting-edge technology, resulting in a 100% natural product of unparalleled quality. It preserves the unique, irreplaceable components of the rose through a proprietary technique.

Notably, Akita's distinctive production process ensures that not only the components from the rose oil but also the other valuable constituents from the rose are retained in the rose water. This feature sets Akita's Non-deoiled Rose Water apart as truly exceptional.

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