Certified Benefits

Our rose water is uniquely superior, however, as we do not extract the rose oil from our rose water, but rather leave all of it intact and within the water. We know the value of the rose water is in the rose oil, itself. As a result, our Akita Rose Oil Unextracted Rose Water retains all of the beneficial properties of the rose oil, and is therefore the best rose water in the world.

Akita Rose Oil Unextracted Rose Water has been scientifically proven to provide the following benefits:


Due to the many antioxidants, Akita Rose Oil Unextracted Rose Water neutralizes the external oxidant factors that harm the skin barrier and prevents the evaporation of Natural Moisturizing Factor components, such as amino acids, minerals, and water.

Akita Rose Oil Unextracted Rose Water’s moisturizing properties work in two different ways:

1. Increases skin water-holding capacity.

2. Decreases trans epidermal water loss by strengthening the skin barrier.


Type I collagen is the most abundant collagen found in connective tissues, including the skin. Type I collagen levels decrease with age, making way for several conditions that harm the skin. It has been certified that Akita Rose Oil Unextracted Rose Water increases Collagen Type 1.

A variety of metabolic and environmental assaults over time may result in damage to the cell membrane. Oxidants (free radicals) induced by toxins and radiation exposure contribute to DNA damage associated with aging.  Although this damage can be repaired by repair enzymes, some persist and accumulate as cells age, especially if repair mechanisms become inefficient over time. Accumulation of mutations in nuclear and mitochondrial DNA ultimately compromises the functional activities and survival of cells.

Oxidants exist in the environment and cause premature signs of aging. Akita Rose Oil Unextracted Rose Water contains all the distillable molecules of Rosa Damascena, including all antioxidant compounds. It acts as a barrier to protect your skin against free radicals that damage the cells with oxidative effects.


The correct way (in fact, the only healthy way) for skin refreshing to provoke the natural refreshing system: cell differentiation that results in dead cell desquamation. This provides the skin layer with the new cells. At the same time, this phenomenon cleanses the dirty layer of the outermost skin and results in a healthy and fresh appearance.


The rejuvenating effect of Akita Rose Oil Unextracted Rose Water has been scientifically proven. After use, detection of the binding of 5-bromodeoxyuridine, the marker of cell regeneration, can be observed.


Beta-caryophyllene, a component of rose essential oil, can control melanin synthesis and help with skin hyperpigmentation and color inequality of the skin.


Akita Rose Oil Unextracted Rose Water blocks the key step of pigment synthesis by blocking the Tyrosinase enzyme that results in melanin synthesis.

Cleansing & Toning

Akita Rose Oil Unextracted Rose Water is an ideal tonic and cleanser due to its following properties:

·     High amount of natural phenyl ethyl alcohol that is necessary for removing excess oil.

·     Moisturizers that effectively neutralize the negative effects of alcohols.

·     Non-allergenic and does not need to be rinsed off.

·     Natural astringents that tighten pores.

·     ​Properly PH balanced.

Skin Protection

Akita Rose Oil Unextracted Rose Water protects the lipid and protein content of the skin barrier with its antioxidant content, and it protects against cellular DNA damage caused by oxidative stress. The studies demonstrated that Akita Rose Oil Unextracted Rose Water increases the occludin level, which is the marker of cell-cell junctions known to be necessary for skin barrier formation.